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Jane Comer

Jane…multiple discipline artist.

Jane Comer has been a part of the Portland, Oregon theatre scene since the 1980s. Jane has a BA in Creative Writing and Theatre from Linfield University, and also studied Theatre at both the University of Oregon and Western Oregon University. Even before this, Jane could most easily be found anywhere a stage was, in both middle and high school.

An actor, playwright, author, and overall communication artist, Jane’s work has been enjoyed by audiences across the USA and Internationally.




Jane’s plays include I Am an Actress: A Passion Play (world premiere 2019) and The Fear of Speaking (world premiere 2021.) She wrote the critically film Becoming Adorable (2021). Jane is a full member of The Dramatist Guild. 




Jane’s been writing almost as long as she’s been acting. Her fiction includes the novels A Farm Beneath the Moon and Really, Truly Katherine Beagan. Jane is currently at work on the novel The Left Handed Girl.

In I Am an Actress: A Passion Play, 2021 production.

As “The Stage Manager” in Our Town.

"People who have the talent for acting are born that way. You can’t teach “talent,” you either got it or you don’t. You can teach the “craft” of acting/writing but not the natural artist who creates it--that flows from within...In my opinion, Comer has that gift!"

Dennis Sparks, Dennis Sparks Reviews

“As an actress, Comer actually can do everything. She is witty, she is charismatic, she is vulnerable, she is powerful.”

Bennett Campbell Ferguson, Willamette Week

"Comer is a person of warmth and kindness, and her love for her work and the people in her world drew me in."

Meg Currell, Edge Media Network